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You can find an extensive gallery of keyboard renders at the bottom of the page, or head straight to my Google Drive where you can find them in lossless 5120x3413 resolution.


SA Oblivion is a keycap set for mechanical keyboards, designed after the code coloring scheme of the same name created by Paolo Borelli, as well as programming as a whole. The keycaps will fit any MX compatible switch stem.

Sculpted SA Keys

As noticeable in the renders above, this keycap set takes full advantage of the SA profile that is reminiscent of vintage terminal keyboards. Commonly known among enthusiasts as the '1-1-2-3-4-3' setup, the rows of keys make up a beautiful slight curve along the depth of your keyboard that is a pleasure to type on. Here you can see the shape of the keys when viewed from the side depending on what row they are part of. The kits you are about to be introduced to have the row numbers shown so you can check that your layout is properly covered without breaking the sculpted profile.

Material and Colors

All keys are produced by Signature Plastics using durable ABS plastic with a semi-matte finish. The double-shot technique allows the legends to be their own piece of plastic within the key instead of being simply printed on, making fading impossible. Below you can see what color codes the manufacturer will be using for production.


To allow for high flexibility when choosing what keyboard to equip with these keys or depending on what colors are desired, this set has been split into various kits. You will be able to buy any of these in whatever combination you see fit, but make sure you don't miss one!

Oblivion Alphas

This set of Alphas features the main colorway of Oblivion. A light gray that stands in perfect contrast to the surrounding modifiers keys, topped off with slightly beige legends.

Hagoromo Alphas

Named after the legendary japanese chalk maker, who's demise is mourned by academics around the world and is often described as the 'Dream Chalk', this set of Alphas features an alternative colorway to offer more contrast towards the modifier keys. Maybe you will use them to spark a brilliant idea yourself?

Oblivion Modifiers

The primary modifiers kit of this set takes its colors from the Oblivion code coloring scheme, with an added touch of a deep orange-red to spice things up. This, as well as the two kits hereafter, will cover the modifier keys of most mechanical keyboards that use a 6.25 unit spacebar. Together with a set of Alphas, this is all you need to fill a 60% or TKL keyboard. Additional Row 1 DEL, END and PAGE DOWN keys allow for support of keyboards such as the 96key layouts. The alternative R3 UP key can be used for a more comfortable set of directional keys.

Git Modifiers

Any programmer among you will need this tenfold to maintain his or her coder swagger at the workplace. Permission to use the Git logo on this set was graciously given by the Software Freedom Conservancy!

Monochrome Modifiers

This kit offers a colorless version of the modifiers for a more classic look. Well, except for the optional HoneyCadet accent keys for when you want to spice it up once in a while!

Oblivion and Hagoromo Numpad

If you crunch a lot of numbers or need to do your annual taxes, you can't miss out on these numpad kits.

Oblivion, Git and Monochrome Extension

Also known as 'Tsangan & Whitefox' or 'Non-Standard Adapter', these extension kits will let you build a variety of special keyboard layouts. Usually dependant on the regular modifier kit.


This kit has been created to cover Filco's Minila keyboard. A extension kit is not required, just any of the regular modifier kits.


This set of keys is required to build a orthogonal keyboard such as the Preonic or Planck layouts. Assembly instructions were chosen as abstract labels because people using these or the following 40% and Ergodox keyboards have assigned functions to their keys differently.


40% keyboards such as the MiniVan, JD40, JD45, Minorca, Sebright, AMJ40 and Golbat are covered by this kit.


For the use on the king of ergonomic computer input devices.

Oblivion and Hagoromo Colevrak

As SA Oblivion has a sculpted row profile, simply rearranging the existing keys to achieve either the Colemak or the Dvorak layout will not work. This kit will allow you to create either of those.

Oblivion and Git UK and Monochrome UK

These two kits let you fill your keyboard with the necessary legends to cover British ISO keyboards.

Oblivion and Hagoromo NorDe

Expanding on the previous two UK kits, these additional two sets of keys allow you to create Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and German layouts.

Alternate Function Colors

This kit is for those among you that prefer a single colored function row. Often desired for compact layouts such as 75% or 96key.


Bringing the assembly legends to tenkeyless boards! This kit can also be used on 65% and 75% layouts to cover the extra column of keys.


Some of you have macros on their keyboards, like the VE.A, or a simple small macro keypad such as RAMA's M10.


Whether you have a Fullsize, MiniVan, or Ergodox keyboard, if you want arrow keys; you've got em!

GD and WFK Spacekeys

Split keyboards such as the VE.A require a couple short blank keys as spacebars. You should be able to find what you seek here.

GQM Spacebars and -keys

Grab this kit if you prefer the spacebar's color to unite with the modifiers.

Oblivion and Monochrome OSX

For anyone who works with the Mac operating system.


To celebrate the joint effort of bringing this set to life, I dedicate these keys to my fellow clackers.

Oblivion LED

To achieve a truely oldschool looking keyboard, you'll need this kit! This kit is the only one featuring keys that do not have doubleshot legends. Since the clear plastic takes up the first shot, the legends have to be pad printed on top.

What Now

After having received over 4,000 votes, I am pleased to announce that SA Oblivion will be available on on August 31st 2017 at 6am PT! You will be able to pre-order this keyset for a period of about three weeks.

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Credits and Greetings

Finally I'd like to thank and greet everyone who made this project possible. Paolo Borelli, Etienne, Gregor, evangs, ctzn_voyager, Linus Torvalds, the Software Freedom Conservancy, Massdrop, MiTo, t0mb3ry, Quakemz, Zambumon, kingnestea, tokyocoffeenerd, matt3o, rama, Ryan Uber, thinman, jchan94, LivingSpeedBump, Engicoder, jtm_sea, maxhernandez, skullydazed, thesiscamper, zslane, a unknown chinese enthusiast and last but not least everyone else from the MKB community for their feedback, requests, votes and of course compliments! I hope I have not forgotten anyone!


Render Gallery

Tenkeyless (Mech27-TKL by 27)

Compact 1800 (KIRA EX by thesiscamper)

75% (Modified Xeno by pwner)

HHKB style (Campine mk. III by alexatpanc)

65% (M65-A APOLLO by RAMA)

40% (Minivan by evangs)

Planck (Bullet by jebbra)

Ergodox (3D print file from some GitHub)

Macropad (M10-A ULYSSES by Rama)

All renders are available in 5120x3413 resolution over at my Google Drive.