SA Metro is a custom keycap set inspired by big city transit maps. It features high profile SA key caps made of PBT plastic which are dye sublimated to create the legends. The key profile is uniform row 3 and the set will be produced by Signature Plastics

The Sets

The set actually contains three different ones to cover the most common keyboards, 'regular' ones, ortholinear layouts and the Ergo Dox keyboard. Unlike most other SA sets, you will have to only purchase one to cover your desired layout.


This set will cover the most common keyboard layouts such as Fullsize and Tenkeyless boards, but also a variety of special layouts such as 65%, 96key or Winkeyless. A more detailed list will follow in a bit so you don't have to twist your head to figure out if your layout can be fitted with this design.

Ortho Line

Unlike the Metropolitan set, the keys of this one can be used in multiple ways to cover your ortholinear keyboard. You can spin the design upside down, and ditch either of the top or bottom rows to accomodate your planck. Two spots were carefully left blank to make sure the optional 2U spacebar will fit in more than just one way. Maybe you will even figure out a way to lay the tracks different than shown in these pictures?

Ergo Tracks

Quite simply a full set of keys to cover your Ergo Dox keyboard with the Metro design.

How can I help?

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The logo was created by /u/__end, and I would also like to thank MiTo, quakemz, monkeyplusplus and tokyocoffeenerd for helping me with various other tasks on this project.